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GOing for a Planet Walk

With the start of their Science unit on Space, Grade 6 Science students had the chance this week to go on a virtual tour of the solar system when they walked around their neighbourhood, backyard, or house. Ms. Ana Vera and Ms. Shawna Parks took the students for a walk around their neighbourhoods as their […]

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Keeping the Discussion GOing in IB Global Politics

These Grade 12 students didn’t miss a beat jumping into their classes with GO!, which kicked off on March 31. For the IB Global Politics 12 class, they were able to get the discussions GOing right away.   While talking about their Spring Break experiences, the class discussed the COVID-19 pandemic, which tied in well […]

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**Coronavirus Update**

Regular updates will be provided from the Ministry of Education. Please see a collation of information drawn from various sources on the jurisdictions’ responses to the Coronavirus outbreak. Links are provided for information only; individual schools will be responding accordingly to their own organization’s advisories.

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Fraser Academy: 1:1 OG Instruction & Academic Skills Development registration is ongoing!

Date: September 17, 2019 to June 18, 2020 Event Location: Fraser Academy, Kitsilano Students who struggle with reading, writing, spelling, and comprehension tasks will benefit from working with one of our 1:1 Orton-Gillingham language instructors. We conduct a diagnostic assessment of each student’s achievement levels and create an individualized program to improve skills. This proven approach to […]

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Fraser Academy: OG Instructor Training Registration Fall 2019

Event Category: Professional Development Opportunities and Presentations Date: October 25, 2019 to December 8, 2019 Event Description: ORTON-GILLINGHAM INSTRUCTOR TRAINING (ASSOCIATE LEVEL) We train over 50 educators every year in the Orton-Gillingham approach. Orton-Gillingham is one of the most proven language-based methods for teaching students with language-based learning disabilities, such as dyslexia, to read and write. Part […]

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Fraser Academy: 1:1 Executive Function Coaching registration is ongoing!

September 17, 2019 to June 18, 2020 Location: Fraser Academy Our coaches help students to develop skills and strategies that increase self-awareness and independence at school and home. Executive Function skills encompass planning, organizing and prioritizing tasks/information; working memory; time management; task initiation and completion; reflection and self-regulation. Through the application of research-based methods, students […]

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