Leadership and Collaboration Groups

The Leadership and Collaboration Groups are a fundamental strength of the ISABC.  They are self-motivated and self-managed. Members seek to share their expertise and experiences while exploring new ideas in education for the continuous improvement of both their individual schools and the ISABC community.

The groups are formed in pursuit of collaborative activity and networking within the schools of the ISABC and professional growth of the individuals.

Whether you are attending or hosting a meeting, you will find all the information you need on this website. If you have any questions please contact the coordinator at [email protected].

All the current dates for the ISABC Leadership and Collaboration Groups can be found on the ISABC Calendar.


Below is a list of all the ISABC Leadership and Collaboration Groups

Leadership Groups 
  1. Academic/Deputy Heads
  2. Advancement
  3. Admissions
  4. Athletic Directors Senior
  5. Athletic Coordinators – Elementary
  6. Business Managers
  7. Directors of Human Resources
  8. Directors of IT (Education)
  9. Directors of IT (systems/networks)
  10. Learning Resource Leaders
  11. Marketing and Communications
  12. Principals of Senior Schools
  13. Principals of Middle Schools
  14. Principals of Junior Schools
  15. Principals of Early Learning
  16. Risk Managers
  17. 21st Century Learning


Collaboration Groups

  1. Heads of Math
  2. Heads of Science
  3. Head of Social Studies
  4. Head of English
  5. Head of Languages
  6. Head of Visual Arts
  7. Heads of English Language Learning
  8. Facility Managers
  9. Personal Counsellors
  10. Controllers
  11. Executive Assistants
  12. University Counsellors
  13. Vice Principals
  14. Librarians
  15. Outdoor Education
  16. Service and Experiential Learning Coordinators
  17. Mental Health and Wellbeing
  18. Indigenous Education
  19. SOGI Leaders
  20. Social Justice/DEI
  21. Safe School Co-ordinators
  22. Environmental Sustainability

All ISABC Leadership and Collaboration Groups have an individual ISABC Shared Drive. This Drive gives your group access to agendas, minutes and additional resources throughout the year to refer back to and to share with one another. If you are a member of more than one group you will have access to each group’s Shared Drive. If you are unable to access your group’s ISABC Shared Drive please contact [email protected] to be granted access.

Procedure: Hosting an Online ISABC Meeting

The ISABC strongly encourages you to keep your spring/summer leadership and collaboration group meeting date. Not only is this such a powerful and knowledgeable community, but given the isolation, it is important for the community to support each and to reach out and connect. Please use the steps below to help plan for your online meeting.

Every host should adhere to the previously agreed group’s Terms of Reference.

The average Online Meeting is schedule for 1 to 2 hours.

Step #1: Review ISABC Guidelines for hosting an Online Collaborative meeting

Step #2: Create Agenda using template – create detailed agenda to share who will be contributing when and for how long.

Step #3: Review the previous meeting and pull action items forward.

Step #4: Complete a Pro-D Request Form if funds are needed from ISABC

Step #5: Contact the group using the group’s specific ISABC email address (found here) to provide date, time and to collect agenda topics

Step #6: Ensure someone completes the minutes and place on the Google Team Drive

Step #7: Follow the online meeting etiquette document during the meeting

Step #8: Complete feedback form for ISABC after your meeting.

Step #9: Host of meeting/Leader of Group to complete the meeting summary form for the newsletter

Your ISABC Leadership and Collaboration Group now has a group email address. All members of your group are linked to this address for easy communication. Please use the appropriate email address listed below to connect with your group.

If you need to refer back to previous correspondence that you can no longer find or are a new member to the group and are looking for previous information regarding a meeting or agenda, you can find all previous correspondence via https://groups.google.com.

Leadership Groups Group Email Collaboration Groups Group Email
Academic/Deputy Heads [email protected] Heads of Math [email protected]
Advancement [email protected] Heads of Science [email protected]
Admissions [email protected] Heads of Social Studies [email protected]
Athletic Directors Senior [email protected] Heads of English [email protected]
Athletic Coordinators – Elementary [email protected] Heads of Languages [email protected]
Business Managers [email protected] Heads of Fine and Performing Arts [email protected]
Directors of Human Resources [email protected] Personal Counsellors [email protected]
Directors of IT (Ed and System/Networks) [email protected] Controllers [email protected]
Learning Resource Leaders [email protected] University Counsellors [email protected]
Marketing and Communications [email protected] Executive Assistants [email protected]
Principals of Senior Schools [email protected] Vice Principals [email protected]
Principals of Middle Schools [email protected] Librarians [email protected]
Principals of Junior Schools [email protected] Outdoor Education [email protected]
Principals of Early Learning [email protected] Mental Health and Wellbeing [email protected]
Risk Managers [email protected] Indigenous Education [email protected]
21st Century Learning [email protected] Service Learning Coordinators [email protected]
Facility Managers [email protected] Experiential Learning [email protected]
SOGI Leaders [email protected]
Social Justice/DEI [email protected]
Safe School Co-ordinators [email protected]
Heads of English Language Learning [email protected]
Environmental Sustainability [email protected]

Tutorials: Online Collaboration Support

Please view the videos below to support your online meetings. Zoom Conferencing has many tutorials on their website for further clarification of how to use features properly. The Zoom Conferencing Tutorials below are brief videos to assist in what we feel are the important features that meet the needs of our ISABC colleagues for online meetings. If you have any questions or require assistance in setting up an online meeting please get in touch – [email protected]

You can also find more videos and tutorials on Zoom’s training site: https://zoom.us/docs/en-us/covid19.html

ISABC Online Collaboration Support

ISABC Online Collaboration Support Video highlights resources and meeting guidelines for a successful online learning transition.

Important Features in Zoom for ISABC Online Meetings

Here are some key features to turn on to enhance an online meeting using Zoom Conferencing.

How to set up a Zoom Meeting

How to create a Zoom Meeting Link and to create poll questions and breakout rooms in advance.

Using key features during a Zoom online meeting

Now that you have the meeting setup and features enabled, let’s review how you use these features during the meeting.

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