ISABC schools offer exceptionally high quality programs and also must meet the following criteria listed in the ISABC bylaws:
1. The school shall be a non-profit society
2. The Head of School shall be the Chief Executive Officer
3. The Board of Governors must operate at arm’s length from the school administration
4. The school shall teach a curriculum which leads to a graduation diploma.
5. The school shall have operated in a stable and viable manner for at least a five year period
6. The school shall practice ethically in the areas of employment, admissions, recruitment (students and staff) and fundraising

All ISABC schools need to be accredited by an accrediting body (e.g. Council for International Schools; Canadian Association of Accredited schools) to ensure the highest educational, leadership and administration standards. Accreditation ensures that each school reflects on and interrogates its practices and is accountable to its constituents, ensuring excellence and at all times that student learning and development is central to a school’s endeavours.

We welcome contact from prospective schools wishing to explore membership.

For more information, please contact our Executive Director, Elizabeth Moore at [email protected] 

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