Why choose an ISABC school?

Collectively our schools can accommodate the learning needs of almost every child with close attention paid to individual children’s learning and development. Thoughtful academic programming, a supportive and inclusive school culture and the exceptional opportunities provided make ISABC schools an obvious choice for discerning parents who want the best educational provision for their children.

The Cardus Report provides an in-depth study to fully examine government and non-government schooling across Canada. The report is the first and the largest ever representative study of its kind.  Read the Cardus Report’s findings here: http://www.cardus.ca/research/education/

The varied nature of individual ISABC schools means that discerning parents can choose a school programme which best matches their child’s academic needs including:

  • University preparatory programmes
  • BC Ministry of Education graduation programmes
  • International Baccalaureate programmes
  • Advanced Placement programmes
  • Dyslexia and special educational needs support

Each school has a unique culture and distinguishing features including:

  • Varied school sizes – small schools offer an intimate feel and close community; larger schools may offer more varied academic programmes and a wider range of co-curricular opportunities
  • Strong and caring student support systems which allow teachers to interact with students well beyond the classroom  to establish an intimately connected environment. A variety of structures like advisory systems, home room classes, school assemblies build close and warm communities.
  • All inclusive pre-K to Grade 12 schools or individual schools with separate phases (elementary/ middle/ secondary)
  • Co-educational or single-sex environments
  • Day or Boarding schools – or both
  • Outdoor education programmes balanced with traditional academic programmes
  • Older schools with strong historical traditions or new contemporary schools
  • All ISABC schools encourage responsible citizenship

All ISABC schools are well resourced and enable exceptional opportunities including:

  • Varied academic programming
  • Smaller class sizes
  • Exceptional co-curricular opportunities
  • Global citizenship
  • Outdoor education
  • Leadership development
  • Service learning opportunities
  • Extensive educational travel opportunities
  • Personalized university guidance with support for both the entrance process and scholarship applications
  • From 2022 all ISABC schools will need to be accredited to vouch for the excellence and high standards evident in our schools

ISABC schools provide some of the best educational experiences not only in BC but in Canada and in the world. 

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