ISABC Coaching Cornerstone Program

The ISABC Coaching Program is a year-long professional development opportunity for classroom teachers and aspiring leaders in K-12 independent schools. The program introduces educators to the art of coaching, where participants will understand what coaching is, and how adopting coaching tools in their everyday practice can promote better conversations. Through this program, educators can expect to grow their self-awareness and reflective habits; improve their communication skills and build the tools and confidence to engage deeply in conversations in their schools. 

The ISABC Coaching Program is intended for all classroom teachers and educators. Applicants may benefit from this program if they are seeking to build their confidence and skill set to navigate conversations with colleagues and parents, to build stronger relationships with their students, and to develop supportive networks within the ISABC community. It is good preparation for those who may aspire to move into leadership roles in the future. A maximum of 2* educators per school can participate. The selection process of participants for the program is up to each school.  
*number of participants is dependent on the number of schools participating

Purpose and Outcomes: 
The ISABC Coaching Program will bring together educators from ISABC schools to enhance their communication, conversation, leadership problem-solving and reflection skills in a safe and welcoming cohort-style community. Coaching in schools provides teachers with a non-directive process of self-discovery, enabling them to unearth insights and solutions from within, fostering self-awareness, confidence, and professional growth.

This experiential program will introduce participants to adopt a coaching approach, supporting participants as they practice coaching and build confidence over the academic year. The goal would be for participants to apply the skills they learn in their schools, modelling the benefits of taking a coaching approach within their communities. 

Through participation in this program, educators will:

  • Become more self-aware through self-reflection and building capacity to identify insights and solve problems. 
  • Improve communication skills by exploring coaching tools and building confidence to embed their Pro-D learning into their role at their school. 
  • Strengthen their well-being through engaging in thoughtful dialogue and reflection as well as ongoing connection and collaboration with their program peers. 

The cost to participate in this program is $250 (or less) per teacher depending on the uptake. Schools will be invoiced once teachers have confirmed their registration in the program.  

In addition to attending the meetings listed below, you will be required to connect with your peers in an assigned Peer Coaching Triangle group every month.

  1. Opening Full Day Session: Monday, September 23rd 2024: Venue TBC
  2. Virtual Session 1: Tuesday, November 19th, 2024: 4:00pm – 5:30pm
  3. Virtual Session 2: Tuesday, January 21st, 2025: 4:00pm – 5:30pm
  4. Closing Full Day Session: Tuesday, April 29th, 2025: Venue TBC

Peer Coaching Triads:
In addition to the sessions, each participant will be placed in a Peer Coaching Triad to practice coaching.  These 6 PCT sessions will occur approximately monthly for an hour and 15 minutes (Oct – April).   Timings and commitment will be determined by group participants and a charter agreed to thus ensuring participation and commitment.

How to Apply:
To apply please complete this Application Form. Please note endorsement from your Principal/Supervisor is required to submit your application. The completion of the programme requires attendance at all 4 sessions. Please ensure you can attend the 2 in-person and 2 virtual sessions before submitting your application.  If you have any questions please contact, Bonnie Fisher, [email protected]

Program Facilitator:
Sarah McLean, Certified Organizational Coach, ACC

Sarah is an ICF-accredited coach, certified with the UBC Organizational Coaching program. Sarah has over 125 hours of coach training and over 200 hours of coaching experience. Sarah is passionate about coaching educators, helping them define their WHY, align their values with their actions, and navigate the challenges of education in schools. Sarah believes that by adopting coaching, schools can develop a culture of care and compassionate leadership, fostering better conversations and deepening relationships with students, colleagues and parents. Sarah is keen to support educators develop their coaching toolkit and build confidence to apply their skills to their roles.  

We look forward to receiving your application. 

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