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Fraser Academy: Introducing FAx

INTRODUCING FAx: We are leaders in education for students with dyslexia and language-based learning differences. In addition to our independent day-school, we are happy to announce that we are offering more services to help empower the 1 in 5 people in the community who have learning differences. Our new outreach center, FAx, extends access to Fraser Academy’s […]

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Guiding Innovators of Tomorrow

Exciting things are happening at Queen Margaret’s School. Guided by a refreshed Strategic Plan, QMS is providing more immersive student learning opportunities in the area of sustainable innovation and entrepreneurial thinking. The perfect mix for budding entrepreneurs! In partnership with Junior Achievement BC, QMS students in Grades 6 and 8 have worked for weeks under […]

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Southpointe Academy Alumni

As a young school, Southpointe Academy’s alumni are just beginning to make an impact.  The two following alumni for Southpointe Academy are being highlighted for their extensive work in both Mental Health and Wellness.  Please learn more about their journey’s below: Taryn Jessop (Class of 2015) Taryn talks about her struggles with mental health and […]

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West Point Grey Academy Alumni

The ISABC is excited to start sharing the acheivements of our member school’s alumni.  ISABC schools educate and develop students to provide postive global impact after graduation.  We are looking forward to sharing just some of the ISABC alumni stories with you in the upcoming months. Our first alumni profiles come from West Point Grey […]

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We’re ADDING Room for the Future! Three have now become one

Three separate buildings have now become one continuous school.   Stratford Hall is pleased to announce that it has acquired the property at 3030-3038 Commercial Drive, expanding its footprint along Commercial Drive.     Since its founding in 2000, Stratford Hall has grown steadily in response to rising demand for its outstanding IB programs. As such, […]

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Urbanism for eight-year-olds

It turns out eight year olds are also plugged into conversations about urbanism, affordability and neighbourhood change in Vancouver. Lindsay Causey of independent school Stratford Hall is teaching a unit on “how we organize ourselves.” Students are learning about decisions we make as a society and their impact on people and the environment. They’ve touched […]

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Independent or Private; does the language help or confuse?

In British Columbia parents value a wide range of alternatives when choosing the education for their children; however, in conversation parents are often uncertain on the simple matter of vocabulary. Are these schools private or independent and what is implied by the vocabulary used?   The government of British Columbia makes it clear that in […]

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