Keeping the Discussion GOing in IB Global Politics

These Grade 12 students didn’t miss a beat jumping into their classes with GO!, which kicked off on March 31. For the IB Global Politics 12 class, they were able to get the discussions GOing right away.
While talking about their Spring Break experiences, the class discussed the COVID-19 pandemic, which tied in well with the course. The students were able to identify that they are living through something extraordinary and that it will have a significant impact on their lives.
“Global Politics is the study of politics; it is a conceptual course that focuses on key concepts such as power, human rights, development and conflict,” explained Ms. Kristina Thomson, IB Global Politics teacher. “Notably, we study current political issues and examine them from a variety of perspectives, integrating key concepts as we go. The pandemic is a current political issue and allows us to firsthand apply knowledge of political theory.”
Discussion is a major aspect of the course, so the transition to GO! was relatively smooth, as students were able to video chat and discuss a variety of topics including:

  • The Canadian government and international responses
  • Liberal versus realist perspectives
  • Indigenous rights in Canada
  • Economic protectionism
  • Specific examples of life in France, South Africa and China
  • Individual rights in society
  • The power of government in authoritarian and democratic governments

“For example, we discussed the role our Canadian government has played in reducing the impact, such as social distancing, closing the border, etc.,” said Ms. Thomson. “Students then discussed how there had been a different government response in less democratic societies. One student shared her personal understanding of the Chinese government and how strict the measures were in China compared to here in Canada.”
IB Global Politics is a new subject for GNS, and this is the first group of students to complete the two-year course.
“They showed the culmination of not just this two-year course, but all the skills and knowledge they have gained at GNS as IB Learners,” added Ms. Thomson.

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