Holiday Season Blanket Drive

KGMS partnered up with Gregory Ould from Blanket BC Society for another holiday season blanket drive. Members from the KGMS community were asked to donate blankets this year. These blankets will be dropped off in the school’s music portable any time up until the school’s Holiday Live Stream Concert on December 17th. Shortly after the concert, […]

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Christmas Giving Day

In the spirit of Christmas, Meadowridge School gives back on Meadowridge Giving Day! In celebration of the school’s 25th anniversary, Meadowridge hosted a full 35 hours of giving as they joined the global Giving Tuesday movement, hosting the first-ever Meadowridge Giving Day in support of their students and their school. Giving Tuesday is a global movement for giving and volunteering, […]

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Christmas Holiday Market

Congratulations to the Grade 5 students from Aspengrove School on another successful Christmas Holiday Market! The grade 5 classes hosted a craft market for the PYP division. The purpose of the market is to learn about economic concepts, including: products, services, resources, scarcity, abundance, revenue and more. Grade 5 students made a wide variety of […]

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Virtual Christmas Market

Aberdeen Hall’s Annual Grade 3 Winter Market goes Virtual! This year marks the Winter Market’s 4th anniversary. Every year, Grade 3 students would get together with a group of their peers and work diligently to produce handmade artisanal products for the holiday season and sell them at the Winter Market Fair to raise funds for a […]

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Community Request

Dear ISABC Community, As a person who cares about people with dyslexia, Fraser Academy is writing to request your support. You may already be aware that to ensure continuity and expansion of services, Fraser Academy requires a lease renewal from the City of Vancouver (the “City”). At this year’s AGM in October, the school provided an […]

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Welcome to The ISABC Community

Welcome to the ISABC family Quinn Lily Fisher! Congratulations to Bonnie Fisher, ISABC coordinator, for having a beautiful second child. Quinn Lily Fisher was born on November 1, 2020 but with COVID restrictions in effect, the ISABC office has not had the chance to meet her personally. We are very excited for Bonnie and her […]

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School Spotlight

“It’s proof for me that hard work does pay off … and it’s a reminder that at the end of the day you should be doing what you enjoy.” Congratulations to Firinne Rolfe, a Grade 12 student at SMUS, who signed with Boston’s Northeastern University after earning more than $1.2 million in scholarship offers from […]

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ISABC Student Leadership Program

The 2020 ISABC Student Leadership Program was launched in late October with at least 16 schools committed. The program is entirely virtual for 2020-2021. It brings grade 7-8 students from across the ISABC community together in a non-competitive environment to explore important issues such as SOGI, Indigenous World Views and Anti-Racism. Each school group will […]

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