• Southpointe Academy Summer Sport Camps

    May 15, 2018

    Southpointe Academy is offering a one week volleyball and a one week basketball camp this summer!

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    Southpointe Academy is offering a one week volleyball and a one week basketball camp this summer! Our camps are open to everyone and are an excellent opportunity for young athletes to immerse themselves in the sport and improve skills through coaching in an inclusive and supportive environment.
    These camps are for students from Grade 4 to 12. Registration form can be accessed at this link:
    You can either drop off the completed form at our school or email directly to
    Volleyball camp runs from July 3-6
    Basketball camp runs from July 9-13
    Each camp has two sessions:
    – Beginner/Intermediate: 9:30am-12:00pm
    – High Performance: 12:30pm-3:00pm
    Volleyball- $135.00 CAD
    Basketball- $165.00 CAD

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  • QMS Rider Honoured by Equine Canada

    May 5, 2016

    One of Canada’s most prestigious equestrian awards has been bestowed on a rider from the Queen Margaret’s School Equestrian Team. Graduating rider, Kassidy Keith, has been named Equine Canada’s Junior Equestrian of the Year.  

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    One of Canada’s most prestigious equestrian awards has been bestowed on a rider from the Queen Margaret’s School Equestrian Team. Graduating rider, Kassidy Keith, has been named Equine Canada’s Junior Equestrian of the Year.
    Founded in 1993, the Junior Equestrian of the Year Award – The Gillian Wilson Trophy – is awarded in honour of Gillian Wilson, who served as technical director of the Canadian Equestrian Federation for more than 15 years. The award is given to a junior equestrian athlete who has excelled in equestrian competition in the current award year while demonstrating exceptional talent, horsemanship, sportsmanship, and dedication to equestrian sport, as well as the vision and mission of Equine Canada.
    “I was really surprised when they called and invited me to receive the award in Montreal,” explains a humble Kassidy Keith. “Some past winners of this award have gone on to ride at the Grand Prix level, so I am very honoured.” Kassidy and her father were flown to Quebec, courtesy of Equine Canada (EC), to take part in the 2016 EC Awards Gala on April 22.
    Queen Margaret’s School Equestrian Program Director Jodine Buydens explains that this particular equestrian award is not something athletes can actually strive for as winners are nominated by Equine Canada community members and voted on by the board. Thus, being selected is very poignant for equestrians across the country. “I’ve known Kassidy my whole life, and I know what kind of dedication it has taken to get her to where she is today,” notes Buydens. “She got to where she is because of who she is. Her opportunities have not been handed to her or come easily. I love the story of her success.”
    Keith made it clear she shares this award with everyone who has supported and influenced her riding career, such as her family, the QMS community, the equestrian community, Ellen and Mark Brown, Jolene Benham, and John Turner.
    What is next for Kassidy? The talented young rider is already training to earn a place on the U18 Junior National Team and make her debut at The Adequan/FEI North American Junior and Young Rider Championships in Colorado this July.
    Learn more about the unique Equestrian Program at Queen Margaret's School:
    Full press release:

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  • Keiths Lead Big Haul for QMS

    February 12, 2016

    The recent success of the Queen Margaret’s School equestrian program did not go unnoticed by the B.C. Hunter Jumper Association.   The QMS program came home with several awards from the BCHJA awards gala, held in Burnaby on Jan. 17.  

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    The recent success of the Queen Margaret’s School equestrian program did not go unnoticed by the B.C. Hunter Jumper Association.
    The QMS program came home with several awards from the BCHJA awards gala, held in Burnaby on Jan. 17.
    Among the recipients were mother and daughter Cheryl and Kassidy Keith. Cheryl, the head coach of the QMS equestrian program, was named BCHJA Coach of the Year, while Kassidy, a Grade 12 rider, received three separate awards.
    Following a competitive season in which she won two national championships, Kassidy Keith was presented with the Carol McGill Sportsmanship Award, which goes to the junior rider who best exemplifies the qualities of sportsmanship and compassion to their equine partner; the Maple Meadows Year End Junior Equitation Award, for earning the highest standing in the  3’6”–3’9” equitation divisions over the season; and the Championship for the Junior A Equitation Division.
    “This year was one of the best years of my life,” Kassidy Keith said. “I am so thankful to everyone who helped me get to this point and who supported me.”
    Cheryl Keith wasn’t expecting the honour she received.
    “It was a huge surprise when they announced my name,” she said. “I’ve been coaching for over 20 years and this is definitely one of the pinnacles of my career. It was really memorable to stand on stage with my daughter, Kassidy, and my student Emily. I am very honoured.”
    Emily Cake, a Grade 10 rider, took home two BCHJA awards: Reserve Champion in the 1.10m Junior Jumper Division, and fourth place in the 1m Junior Jumper.
    “Emily really stepped up and displayed adaptability this season, showing her skill set on a variety of different horses,” QMS equestrian director Jodine Buydens said. “We are very proud of the tremendous work put in by all of our athletes throughout the 2015 season.”
    Kassidy Keith’s equine partner, Wallabee, was not forgotten, either. Wallabee was named Horse of the Year by the Horse Council BC.
    “I love that he was recognized for his hard work too,” Buydens said. “Wallabee was key to Kassidy’s success and we will always be grateful to QMS alumna Jolene Benham for sharing him with us.”

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  • Royals Capture Titles Across Canada

    December 22, 2015

    After a grueling month-long schedule of competitions across North America, Queen Margaret’s School equestrian athletes are finally arriving home following an incredibly successful show season.  

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    After a grueling month-long schedule of competitions across North America, Queen Margaret’s School equestrian athletes are finally arriving home following an incredibly successful show season.
    First stop on their tour was Calgary for the Royal West Horse Show. Four QMS riders transported their equine partners for the annual competition: Kassidy Keith (Grade 12), Christine Coels (Grade 12), Kyra Westman (Grade 12) and Tianna Jerome (Grade 11). “We were really excited that four members of our team were able to show at the Royal West,” explains Jodine Buydens, QMS Equestrian Programs Director. “It is expensive for riders to travel from Duncan to Calgary with their horses and gear. When they arrived, each one of these girls put everything they had into their performances. I couldn’t be more proud.”
    Tianna Jerome, the newest member of the Royals, posted some of the top speeds during her time in Calgary on her new ride Piccadilly and earned 2nd in one of the 1.00m Junior Amateur Jumper. Teammate Kyra Westman and L.L. Bean completed the show winning Reserve Champion in the 1.00m Junior Amateur Jumpers. After placing consistently, Christine Coels and her partner Te Amo earned the Championship in the .9m Junior Amateur Jumpers. They also had good placings in the hunters and Junior Amateur derbies. “I felt well prepared and happy with Te Amo,” says Coels. “We had a really exciting experience and I enjoyed cheering on my teammates. Everyone worked so hard.”
    For Kassidy Keith and her partner Wallabee (owned by QMS Alum, Dr. Jolene Benham), Calgary was the first stop on their North American tour. The duo had top placings in the Junior Hunters and they won the Greenhawk Junior Amateur Hunter Classic. They capped off their time in Alberta by winning Reserve Champion in the Rocky Mountain Show Jumping Medal. “It was a busy time for the team in Calgary,” says QMS Head Coach Cheryl Keith. “The perseverance of our riders shows in their results. I’m thrilled.”
    While the balance of the QMS team either remained in Calgary or travelled back to BC, Kassidy and her support entourage departed for a long drive through three provinces and seven states to arrive in Lexington, KY, USA for the ASPCA Maclay National Finals. Keith was one of only three Canadians who attended this prestigious event, and one of 153 riders vying for the national title. Kassidy and Wallabee rode a flawless course to make the first cut, but ultimately finished just outside the top 30 after the final cuts. “The competition at Lexington was like nothing I’ve experienced before,” says Keith. “I learned so much and took that with me to the Royal Winter Fair in Toronto.” QMS Head Coach and mom, Cheryl Keith, flew to Ontario to meet Kassidy and continue coaching her throughout their final national competition for the year.
    The Royal Winter Fair is one of the top equestrian events in Canada and has been a dream of Kassidy’s since her childhood. “Competing in the same arena as some of my idols was unreal,” she says. “I tried to keep calm and remain focused.” Her efforts clearly worked as she won the Junior Hunter Stake, earned Reserve Champion in the Junior Working Hunters and became the only junior rider to compete in the Hunter Derby Finals. The pair rode to finish 9th and 10th among a field of professional riders, an impressive feat for a 17-year-old junior amateur rider.
    The last two events were of the highest priority. Kassidy and Wallabee had worked hard to qualify for the Jump Canada Medal and the CET National Medal Final this year, where they would be competing against 19 other top riders from across the country. Keith expertly handled the tricky Jump Medal Canada course and was sitting third when she returned to the Flat Phase. After a strong showing of flat work, Keith moved up to first place for the Top Four ride off. She completed the test in top spot, earning her the national title as well as the Leslie P. Usherwood Memorial Trophy. “I’ve come so far from last year. To win felt amazing,” says Keith. “It pumped me up for my performance in the CET Final the next day.”
    The CET National Medal Final is a two-day competition where 15 top equitation riders from Atlantic Canada, Ontario, the Prairies, and British Columbia earn points over three phases (Flat/Gymnastic, Jumping and Final Four Test). The highest cumulative score wins. Keith was in second place following the Flat and Gymnastic Phase, returning to the arena the next day for the Jumping phase. She achieved a score of 89, the highest of the night, for her concise trip around a course that demanded efficiency to meet the tight time allowed. Earning a two-phase score of 174 clinched Keith’s place in the Final Four Test and ultimately, the national title. “The courses were tough, but I really enjoyed them,” says Kassidy. “I’m thrilled beyond words to win the CET Medal, but it wouldn’t have been possible at all without the support I received each and every day. I’m proud of my outstanding partner Wallabee, and we share the win with my mom and our incredible support team.”
    Keith’s gratitude is understandable in light of the resources needed at this level of competition. “Few people outside of the equestrian community understand that Kassidy’s journey was only made possible because of tremendous financial, emotional, physical and technical support from a large volunteer group,” explains Jodine Buydens. “Head Coach Cheryl Keith and John Turner of Thumbs Up Farm worked tirelessly with Kassidy throughout the season to prepare for these finals. Family friend Kate Heikkla was pivotal in helping Kassidy remain organized and strong while on the road for over a month, and Dr. Jolene Benham entrusted Kassidy with her best friend, Wallabee. The Queen Margaret’s School and BC horse show communities, went above and beyond in their fundraising efforts. We are truly, truly grateful to everyone for championing Kassidy and helping her achieve such amazing results.”
    For the Grade 12 student who attends Queen Margaret’s School with its unique nationally recognized on-campus equestrian program, this success marks the pinnacle of her high school riding career. She is looking forward to graduating in June and exploring the exciting opportunities that await her. “Being at QMS, where I can ride every day and balance my school work with my training, has helped make my competitive dreams a reality,” finishes Keith.
    (Photo courtesy of Cealy Tetly)

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  • Nanaimo teen to receive top jumper award

    January 18, 2014

    Kassidy Ruelle, 15, has been riding since the age of three and turned heads in 2013 jump competitions   A lifelong dedication to her sport has made Nanaimo's Kassidy Ruelle a talent to watch in equestrian.  

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    Kassidy Ruelle, 15, has been riding since the age of three and turned heads in 2013 jump competitions
    A lifelong dedication to her sport has made Nanaimo's Kassidy Ruelle a talent to watch in equestrian.
    The 15-year-old member of the Queen Margaret's School equestrian team will receive an award today from the B.C. Hunter Jumper Association in Surrey for a championship finish in the 0.90-metre B equitation category.Ruelle amassed 285 points in the category last season, giving her a first-place finish by a 22 point margin.
    As someone who has been riding equestrian since the age of three, Ruelle has found a passion for the sport that is evident by her daily routine.The Grade 10 student will typically ride two horses in the morning before school starts at 8:45 a.m. Lunch hours often involve more riding, or studies in equine science, while afterschool her schedule tends to include more riding, or tutoring for her classes.
    "I'd say it's been pretty special.Grade 10 has been a tough year, juggling everything and keeping everything balanced. I ride whenever I can," she said.Indeed, many of Ruelle's earliest memories involve horseriding of some kind."My mom used to ride with me in front of her when I was really little," she said. "She used to do little jumps; probably my earliest memories."
    As Ruelle's talents have grown over the years, by her side has been her mother and QMS head coach Cheryl Keith, who introduced Ruelle to equestrian as soon as she could.But it would take a handful of years and a pony named Hercules that would lead a young Ruelle to conclude that riding was something she wanted to do for the rest of her life.Her first two ponies were "pretty naughty," until Hercules came along, an understanding horse that showed her riding did not have to be a scary thing to a seven-year-old pro in the making.
    As her abilities continued to grow, Ruelle became a rider whose talent for judging a young horse's true competitive nature. The skill has come in handy for Ruelle, who has a knack for training horses that has helped her afford to compete.She has also shifted from the more aesthetic hunter competitions to jumping, with this year's results standing as evidence that the choice has begun to pay off.
    "When I was little I used to go into the show ring and be so flustered I'd fall apart," she said. "Everything's come together. It's less stressful and I have more people helping me."Having a talented daughter who can see a horse's true nature has been a bit of a blessing for her mother and coach as well.
    "I have multiple sclerosis, so I have to be careful. She's very helpful with that, she probably (rides) three or four horses a day, plus goes to school," said Keith. "From a coach's perspective, she's great. .. She can get on a new horse and put it into a category and find the best way to make it go."
    In addition to reaching new heights in competition, Ruelle said she hopes to start a Vancouver Island horse training business in the future.
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  • QMS Equestrian Team Heating It Up

    July 31, 2013

    QMS Riders Continue Hot Streak  

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    QMS Riders Continue Hot Streak
    The summer heat wave isn’t slowing down members of the Queen Margaret’s School Equestrian Team from continuing their string of strong performances at BC events. Most recently, their hard work at Arbutus Meadows and Thunderbird earned a rainbow of coloured ribbons.
    QMS Head Coach, Cheryl Keith, continually encourages the growth of her riders through participation in several shows throughout the summer months. “These events are important for rider development,” explains Keith. “Shows like Arbutus and Thunderbird assist our girls to improve their showmanship, develop their equitation skills, and learn to cope with the stresses of competition in a sportsmanlike manner. I am always proud of how our students are positive ambassadors for the program at QMS and the sport as a whole.”
    Senior riders took to the course at Arbutus Meadows for the Arbutus Derby June 22-23 and kicked off the summer on a high note with the following results:
    *Christine Coels – Grade 10 on Clockwork 2’3” Junior Amateur Hunter Derby 1st Place, 2’3” Low Hunter 3rd Place
    *Alice Young – Grade 12 on Piccadilly 1.1m Schooling Jumper & 3’3” Low Hunter 1st Place
    *Danielle Holmes –QMS Alumna & School Vet on Go Shorty (owned by Catherine Rankin) 2’9” Low Hunter, 2’9” Junior/Amateur Hunter Derby & 3’ Foxstone Hunter Derby 1st Place
    Cheryl Keith and her team then journeyed across the water to Thunderbird Show Park in Langley to participate in the West Coast Classic Show and the Western Family Show, June 26 - July 7. “I think non-riders have this misconception that the QMS stables are a quiet place during the summer,” laughs Keith. “It’s quite the opposite. Our coaching staff, horses and students are deep in a marathon of competitions. This sport demands a lot from us.” The hard work is clearly paying off:
    *Christine Coels – Grade 10 on Clockwork Short Stirrup Equitation Champion (Week 1), Short Stirrup Hunter Champion (Week 1), Short Stirrup Hunter Reserve Champion (Week 2), Award: Leading Junior Lady Hunter Rider (Week 2)
    *Cheryl Keith – QMS Coach on Go Shorty (owned by Catherine Rankin) Second Year Pregreen Champion (Week 1)
    *Emily Cake – Grade 8 on Debonaire Pre Child Equitation Reserve Champion (Week 2), Pre Child Hunter Reserve Champion (Week 2)
    *Kassidy Keith – Grade 10 on Piccadilly (owned by Alice Young)  Award: Washington Good Hands and Seat  (Week 2), Canadian Equestrian Team Medal (CET) 8th Place  (Week 2)
    *Luci Sliwowska – Grade 11 on Mr. Playboy .75m Jumpers 2nd Place
    The busy team then travelled back to the Island for the Arbutus Meadows Island Classic 2013 July 11-14 with equally impressive results at the show:

    *Emily Cake – Grade 8 on Debonaire Pre Adult Hunter 2’6” & 2’6” Jumper Champion, Welcome Jumper .75m 1st Place, Pre Child Equitation 2’6” 1st Place
    *Kassidy Keith – Grade 10 on Crackerjack (owned by Maplebrook Farm) 1.25m Jumper Classic 2nd Place
    *Kassidy Keith - Grade 10 on Loustik de breuil Low Hunter 3’6” 2nd Place
    *Christine Coels – Grade 10 on Arius 2’3” Welcome Hunter Reserve Champion, Short & Long Stirrup Equitation 1st Place
    *Luci Sliwowska – Grade 11 on Mr. Playboy .75m Jumpers 2nd Place
    *Lauren Bailey – Grade 12 on Loustik de breuil Children’s Hunter 3’ 1st & 2nd Place
    *Danielle Holmes (nee Fritz) – QMS Alumna & School Vet on Go Shorty (owned by Catherine Rankin) Adult Hunter Champion
      3’ Low Hunter & Victoria Saddlery Combined Medal – Gymnastics Phase 1st Place
    Grade 12 student Alexandra Millar from Ontario has also been earning great results. “Allie qualified for the Eastern Canadian Equestrian Team Medal (CET) Regional finals in Ontario,” shares Cheryl Keith. “If she places in the top four aboard her horse Mistral, she will compete in the National Championships at The Royal Winter Fair in November. We are very excited for her!”
    The team is currently preparing for three straight weeks of competition in August at the Benefit Horse Show in Saanich, Thunderbird Show Park in Langley, and the Evergreen Classic Benefit Horse Show (Evergreen, WA, USA).

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