The Collaborative  |  Climate Change Pro-D Series


What is The Collaborative?

This multiday, transformative professional development (Pro-D) series brings together topic experts, passionate teachers and dedicated professionals who together strive to develop a deeper understanding of the interconnected nature of climate change. It aims to reshape the climate change narrative for students from doom and alienation towards hope and engagement. The intention is to reduce the high levels of eco-anxiety being recorded by students. Participants from the past two years of The Collaborative unanimously agreed that this Pro-D significantly transformed their approach to teaching climate change


Teachers (Grades 7-12), staff, counsellors, and administrators who are passionate about inspiring and engaging students in one of the most pressing topics of our time.

Key Learning Outcomes:

  1. Deepen understanding about the complexity and multi-dimensionality of climate change and its impacts on the world.
  2. Learn tools and approaches to combat student eco-anxiety, improve student mental health and shift climate change education towards hope, solutions, empowerment and action.
  3. Develop innovative pedagogical approaches and take-home scaffolded examples for inquiry-based, experiential learning of climate change.
  4. Collaborate with motivated colleagues to create interdisciplinary lessons, larger co-curricular initiatives, or school-wide / system-wide action plans or resources.
  5. Become part of a professional learning community, actively focused on being part of the climate doom to hope solution.

Highlights of the Day:

  1. Keynote speaker
  2. Project presentations (from curriculum units to system-wide tools) created during the 2022 and 2023 Climate Collaborative for Educators
    Innovative BC companies tackling climate change in their unique contexts
  3. Interaction and engagement with other like-minded educators
  4. Opportunity to learn about the Climate Collaborative for Educators (2024) sponsored

    *Please note – if you require transport, registration needs to be completed by Wednesday 4th October so buses can be booked.



If you’re interested in participating in The Collaborative 2023-2024 programme, we invite you to register here.

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