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We are thrilled you will be participating in the ISABC Student Leadership Program this year!

The purpose of this program is to give you, a middle year student, the tools to understand how to identify the social and emotional changes you are going through and to give you the ability to manage your emotions and to give you a tool kit that will help you make positive choices for yourself and those around you.  

Connection to Leadership
A foundation of strong leadership is being able to self regulate during difficult situations and making smart decisions that will optimize your teams performance.  You then need to understand your team and the dynamics of each person.  During this program you will be taught the skills to help you become self-aware, and how to self-regulate, it will then allow you opportunity to practice different leadership scenarios using the tools you have been given and how to use the tools not only to help yourself but those around you. You will also hear from special guests who have been practicing and using these leadership tools for years and who will give you their best tips and tricks to being successful with them. You will get to meet new friends, share new experiences and learn from one another.  It’s going to be a great year!!

Program Project – “Sharing is Caring”
Don’t keep what you are learning in the Student Leadership Program a secret!  We want you to share and teach others.  Throughout the year, work with your school group and decide who you would like to share your new knowledge about Energy Management with.  It could be a younger class or an older class, it could be a group of teachers, it could be your principal or even your head of school.  Take it one step further and align what you are learning with a school initiative.  Would you like to start an Energy Management Club at your school or start an Energy Management buddy system to offer support to your classmates.  We are calling it the Sharing is Caring Project, and how and who you do it with is up to you and your school team.  You will be asked to share it with us as one of your last activities.  We can’t wait to see how you positively impact other people in your life!

Let’s Begin!!
You will find everything you need for the program on this website.  The schedule is here, any links to activities is here, all your teacher’s information is here.  Make sure to have a look at the schedule tab and to come back at the beginning of each month to get your new monthly activity!!  If you have any questions as your teacher or reach out to Bonnie Fisher, [email protected], the program coordinator.




Please make sure to add all these important dates to your calendar!  It’s important that you are able to attend all dates listed below, if you cannot attend all dates you may want to offer the program to another student or teacher. (please note, the second session is split into 2 sessions – island schools and north shore schools will meet on the island on January 26th and the remaining mainland schools will meet on the mainland on February 2nd)

  1. Teacher Training Session – Wednesday, October 4th, 2023 @ York House School (teachers only)
  2. Student Session 1 – Friday, November 3rd, 2023 @ West Point Grey Academy (for all schools)
  3. Teacher Virtual Teaching Training Session – Monday, January 22nd, 2024 (for teachers only)
  4. Student Session 2 (Island) – Friday, January 26th, 2024 @ Aspengrove School (for island schools only)
  5. Student Session 2 (Mainland) – Friday, February 2nd, 2024 @ Southpointe School (for mainland schools only)
  6. Student Session 3 – Thursday, April 11th, 2024 @ St. Michaels University School (for all schools)

Monthly Activities
In addition to the above in-person sessions you will be meeting with your school group each month to complete an activity that will help you practice your energy management skills and work towards your Sharing is Caring Project.  Go to the Activities Tab to see the first activity and the details of the project.

Monthly Meet-Ups

You will be meeting with your school group once a month to connect, share how the program is going for you, to work on your Sharing is Caring Project and to work on some other small activities.  A schedule and suggestions of topics/activities for each month are listed below.  Your fellow student leaders and Jill would love to follow along with your progress so please make sure to also post to the Padlet link provided for each month.  Some Padlet submissions only require one from each school while others ask for each student to add some thoughts.  Can’t wait to see your progress!


October 2023 Meet-Up

November 2023 Meet-Up

  • Takeway from Session 1
  • Begin to plan your Sharing is Caring Project – use this document to help you get started
  • Once you have an idea/plan for your project please share it with the whole group here

December 2023 Meet-Up

  • Touch base about how students are using Energy Management in their everyday lives
  • Continue to plan the Sharing is Caring Project
  • Provide students with a few copies of this morning journal.  Students try to complete this journal each morning for a week.  This can be done during your winter break or before your break.  You don’t have to complete it for every hour that is listed and you can modify it, but use it and adjust it to see if setting intentions in the morning helps with the success of your day.
  • Once you have completed this activity let us know if it improved your day in a positive way by posting here.

January 2024 Meet-Up

  • Continue to work on the Sharing is Caring Project
  • If you have started incorporating a morning routine let us know by posting here.
  • Write down some questions for our special guests (to be named shortly) who will be at the next group session.

February 2024 Meet-Up

March 2024 Meet-Up

  • To Be Determined

Meet Jill!

Jill Payne will be leading this program.  She is excited to meet you and to start sharing her program with you.  Jill established Be A Dime Energy Management and began transforming the lives of those she connected with.  As a multi-sport athlete, Jill represented Canada in both Sprint Canoe and Rugby before turning her focus to helping others. Her background in kinesiology and education eventually led Jill to her Masters in Employee Engagement & Workplace Performance.  You can look forward to Jill’s balanced and motivational style which is contagious and inspiring, as well as accessible and actionable.  Her favourite life mantra – that life is meant to be joyful!





Thank you for committing to supporting both your student leaders and yourself during this year’s ISABC Student Leadership Program!

Let’s make your lives as easy as possible!!! All of the information you need for the program for both you and your students is on this website!

Your Commitment
In addition to the in-person sessions listed on the schedule tab, meet with students on a monthly basis to help them complete activities and work towards completing their Sharing is Caring Project.  All activities will be available on the Activity Tab on the 1st of each month.  An email notification will be sent to you updating you the activity is now available. Please find all the other information you will need for the program below.

Teacher Session 1 – Wednesday October 3rd, 2023 @ York House School

  • Agenda

To do after Teachers Session 1

  • Select Students
  • Parent Program Forms/Outline
  • Complete the Student Registration Form by October 20th, 2023
  • Meet with your students prior to the first student session on November 3rd

Student Session 1 – Friday, November 3rd, 2023 @ West Point Grey Academy

To do after Student Session 1

  • Meet with students in mid-November
  • Meet with your students prior to winter break
  • Meet with your students after winter break, prior to session 2

Virtual Teacher Session 2 – January 22nd, 2024, 3:30-4:30pm

Student Session 2 – EITHER Friday January 26th, 2024 for island and north shore schools or Friday February 2nd for the remaining mainland schools 

  • Agenda (will be linked prior to 2nd session)

To do after Student Session 2

  • Meet with students in February
  • Meet with your students in March

Student Session 3 – Thursday April 11th, 2024 – St Michaels University School

  • Agenda (will be linked prior to 2nd session)


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