Virtual Christmas Market

Aberdeen Hall’s Annual Grade 3 Winter Market goes Virtual! This year marks the Winter Market’s 4th anniversary. Every year, Grade 3 students would get together with a group of their peers and work diligently to produce handmade artisanal products for the holiday season and sell them at the Winter Market Fair to raise funds for a local charity. Traditionally the Grade 3 classes would host parents, teachers, and students in their classrooms to sell their handcrafted items face-to-face. This year due to Covid, the students created a website to sell their merchandise online. They even filmed commercials to promote this event. Their hard work really paid off because this year’s Winter Market turned out to be the most successful fundraising market to date, raising over $1200 for the Central Okanagan Food Bank. Well done Aberdeen Hall Grade 3 students!

 “It’s wonderful to see the kids working so hard and applying everything they’ve been learning in school to help the community,” says Liz Everett, a Grade 3 Teacher at Aberdeen Hall. “I think we’ll keep the digital component moving forward as it was so well received by the children and parents and really allowed us to expand our prospective audience.” Great job Aberdeen Hall, thank you for your community give-back!

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