Christmas Holiday Market

Congratulations to the Grade 5 students from Aspengrove School on another successful Christmas Holiday Market!

The grade 5 classes hosted a craft market for the PYP division. The purpose of the market is to learn about economic concepts, including: products, services, resources, scarcity, abundance, revenue and more. Grade 5 students made a wide variety of products, such as Christmas cards, holiday ornaments, hats, stuffed toys, slime, clay animals, and many other delightful things. This year the students chose to donate the money raised from the market to Kiva.

Kiva is a worldwide organization that coordinates microloans for entrepreneurs in developing countries. Loans start at $25 and are used for everything from educational to agricultural needs. Grade 5 students will be loaning their market profits to entrepreneurs on the Kiva website. The great thing is this is a gift that will keep on giving! Students can reinvest their loans when they are paid back. These grade 5 students are creating a wonderful legacy for future AGS classes. Well done 5G and 5S and again congratulations on a successful market!  

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