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Dear ISABC Community,

As a person who cares about people with dyslexia, Fraser Academy is writing to request your support. You may already be aware that to ensure continuity and expansion of services, Fraser Academy requires a lease renewal from the City of Vancouver (the “City”). At this year’s AGM in October, the school provided an update on the essential partnership they have with the City that enables them to provide services: Their current lease with the City expires in July 2025. On July 3, 2020, they formally requested a third long-term lease renewal from the City. 

Lease Renewal Goals:
1. Provide certainty for Fraser Academy’s services now and for our long-term future.
2. In line with their school’s strategic plan to 2025, provide an improved facility with two key priorities: Offer an optimal learning environment at Fraser Academy’s existing location. Increase access to our day & outreach programs. With demand for their services exceeding capacity due to building constraints, every year they have the heartache of turning away families who have nowhere else to go. Whether it’s directly through their school’s programs, or as a crucial hub of expertise and educator training, they know that people with dyslexia must be better served. They can ensure greater access and reach.

For over a year, Fraser Academy has been in regular conversations with the City, ensuring that Council and staff understand their relevance, value, and vision, and how crucial the City’s support is for serving individuals with dyslexia. Fraser Academy now expects their lease renewal to be considered by Council in early 2021. Click here to read the most recent communication shared with Council, to assist in their final deliberations. It demonstrates how Fraser Academy aligns with the City’s priorities, and most importantly, why supporting people with dyslexia is vital.

How You Can Help To voice your support of Fraser Academy’s third lease renewal, please add your name, and your child(ren)’s name(s) if applicable, to the letter of support by clicking here.
A special thanks to Fraser Academy’s parents, Andrea Potter and Debbie Heeps, for their leadership on the letter.

As much support as possible will be key to Fraser Academy’s success. There will NOT be a public hearing to hear the lease renewal request. Real Estate matters are dealt with in cameraFraser Academy therefore also ask you to share the letter with your extended family and the wider community, to ensure Council hears our collective voice. Each person should sign individually (e.g. each parent, child, family member, colleague, or friend) by using the same link. Their goal is to have as many people as possible – who believe in the importance of Vancouver endorsing the need for services for people with dyslexia – to add their name to the letter.

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