Preparing Students to Succeed Today and Tomorrow

One of the questions I am often asked by parents is about what makes the GNS educational program unique.
It begins with the acknowledgement that our world is rapidly changing, highly complex and increasingly competitive. In many cases, the jobs your children will hold have not yet been invented and the opportunities they will encounter are still unimagined. We recognize that “real world problems” are complex, and often involve the blurring of boundaries between intersecting subject areas.
Our goal is to prepare students at all grade levels to:

  • Expect that change is inevitable;
  • See opportunity where others may see a problem; and
  • Be able to research, understand, plan and take effective action

Many systems of education focus on memorization and basic skill acquisition. They split subjects into silos and interactions across subjects are not realized. As a result, students are less likely to be adequately prepared to address challenges and seize opportunities. At GNS, our highly refined approach to the International Baccalaureate (IB) programs allows students to develop higher level thinking skills. Our teachers assist them in honing their ability to view knowledge from interdisciplinary or multidisciplinary manners.

What is Higher Level Thinking?
Higher Level Thinking is a concept of education based on learning taxonomies such as Bloom’s Taxonomy, illustrated in the chart below. It contends that education can and should be about much more than simply memorizing facts and concepts. At GNS, our learning environment is rooted in inquiry, thinking and problem solving.
We understand it is impossible to find solutions to problems that don’t yet exist, and we recognize that being able to think at a higher level requires regular practice in analysis, evaluation, synthesis and creation. Our students combine inquiry, collaboration and analysis to develop understanding. They learn to apply their thinking to solve problems and address issues. And, as importantly, they build upon that knowledge by engaging with others, to ensure broad understanding of the subject matter.

What About Making Connections Across Disciplines
Creating links between science, arts, humanities, math and languages enhances one’s understanding of the world. Learning activities in our IB programs assist students to inquire and think across subject boundaries. We recognize how professionals embrace innovation and the value in being open-minded risk-takers who view the world differently and identify unique and effective opportunities to solve problems.
Our dedicated faculty and staff recognize that higher level thinking and the learning that arises from interdisciplinary studies are foundational components of the educational experience at GNS. We are continually working to design and deliver our IB programs in a manner that is both engaging and rewarding. As your children tell you about their school day, recognize and celebrate their work to develop higher-level thinking skills and link disciplines. Your support will further solidify their commitment to do their very best at GNS.

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