Andrew F: G12 Mulgrave Student & Successful Entrepreneur

At Mulgrave, we often hear propsective parents ask if our school’s rigorous academic programme will keep their children from successfully pursuing interests outside the classroom. We dispell their concern by sharing stories like Andrew’s who, as a G12 student, successfully manages a team of 30 teens while he grows a business he founded last summer. Featured in Business in Vancouver and Ivey Business School Magazine over the past couple of months, Andrew is excited to arrive at Business School and expand upon what he has learned in both the classroom and company meeting room.
The way Andrew sees it ‘the world is an applied textbook’. Learning the theory behind economic principles is very important and relevant to what he sees in his business day-to-day. “I want to use that knowledge not only to inform business practices, but to innovate.”
From Andrew’s perspective, the dynamic nature of his Mulgrave classes has presented a great environment in which to think about and learn important concepts and principles he takes to his business. Being confident and credible working alongside adults has proven to be an important lesson and an unanticipated requirement to success.
To Andrew, challenges are easier to overcome if you are pursuing your passion.

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