Say No To Bullying Day – Victoria Legislature

Thank you to Jake Burnett and six students from Glenlyon Norfolk School for raising awareness of the province wide Say No To Bullying Day at the Parliment Buildings in Victoria on Wednesday, February 25th, 2015. The students did a really good job and they were admired and applauded after they presented an excellent skit promoting the power of doing what is right and stepping away from any sort of bullying behaviours.
Insight from one of the Glenlyon Norfolk School student participants:
As part of the BC Say No to Bullying Day, I went with five of my Grade 8 buddies to the Legislature to put on a skit for the MLAs and the kids in the audience. We were trying to show how powerful it is to be the one who stands up to the group but also how difficult it can be sometimes. We’ve been doing lots of work on exploring attitudes and behaviour around bullying in the Middle School at GNS and the skit was a good way to demonstrate this work. It was fun to be on stage at the Legislature and to meet Christy Clark and for us and all of the MLAs to share the same message about bullying. If we can do more to identify it and know how to deal with it, then we will be in a much better place.
* The feature image was taken by Chad Hipolito from Hip Photography.

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