Mulgrave Walks in Partnership with the World

The World Partnership Walk took place on Sunday, May 25th, and the Mulgrave team showed incredible solidarity and resourcefulness as it worked to raise over $40 000 for the Aga Khan Foundation. Please click below to read a letter of appreciation from the G10 student leader and main organiser, Soraiya L.
Dearest Mulgrave Team,
I would like to wish you all huge congratulations! For the second year in a row, we have raised the most money of any school in Vancouver and also across the country for the World Partnership Walk! Though we started a bit slow, we finished very strong, so thank you everyone for coming together. This year, we managed to raise $42,085. This was possible because of everyone’s hard work, support, ambassadorship, generosity, voluntary spirit and the strength of the Mulgrave community. Whether it was talking to others about the walk and bringing friends, or calling those you know to donate, each of you has made a huge impact, and you should be very proud of your efforts.
Although being part of the competition was great, much greater satisfaction has come from knowing that this money is going to be matched by the Canadian government, and will amount to approximately $160,000, all of which will be going to the projects supported by the Aga Khan Foundation. This year, projects include revitalising rural economies, ensuring clean water and sanitation, strengthening community-based organisations and educating new generations of girls and women.
As well, along with two other IB schools, Southridge School and Stratford Hall, we maintained a friendly competition and together raised just under $110,000. The team captains and supporting families at both those schools showed creative innovations and community spirit and we hope to build on each other’s successes going forward.
I would like to thank each and every student on the team for representing the school so well and for getting so many of your friends and family involved during the campaign. Thank you to all the parents for your endless support and encouragement. In particular, I would like to thank Sasha and Salima for helping me liaise with the parents, keeping everybody motivated, giving me advice and making sure everyone was there to cheer on the team on stage! In addition, countless parents supported the World Partnership Walk lunch which raised $1600, so thank you once again for your generosity and for helping us maintain a tradition at Mulgrave. Finally, I would like to thank Mr. Wray and Ms. Douglas for coming out to the walk and encouraging us, as well as the entire school’s tremendous support over the past years.
Our current total sits at just over $42,000, but just so you are aware, fundraising is still open until June 8th, so if you still feel like spreading the word of the walk’s incredible success and the work of the AKFC, please continue to do so.
Thank you for a great year and I look forward to the years ahead,
Soraiya L.

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