ISABC Public Speaking Competition – a student’s account

On Monday April 22, Collingwood Wentworth hosted the 2013 ISABC Gr. 6/7 Public Speaking Competition. Although this was a competitive event, it was a great opportunity for students from 15 independent schools to interact with each other. The goal of this evening was to get students comfortable with public speaking as well as to showcase their talent in a fun way. While we were out and about, we saw students speaking and laughing together and…comparing notes about their schools.

The evening was divided into two parts. The Grade 6s started with their speaking round while the Grade 7s were treated to a fabulous Improvisation workshop run by Taz Vanassel and Chris Casillon. After a short break, the order was reversed and this was followed by a Pizza supper. The evening ended on a celebratory note for Yorkhouse School who was awarded the ISABC cup, followed by a 2nd place finish for St.Georges and a 3rd place finish for Collingwood Wentworth.

As we know, public speaking is a worthy life skill. This event provided everyone the opportunity to be comfortable with this process. The mandated topics, ‘the most important issues facing today’s world’ and ‘making a difference in society’, were a good way to get involved in discussing world issues.

After all, we are the generation of tomorrow and will be required to find solutions to these problems. We are not too young to ‘ignite’ the change!

By Bryn Cowan

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