Teachers teaching Teachers

At St George’s School and Brentwood College, 1200 teachers gathered to learn from and network with other teachers. In an astonishing display of generosity teachers from the 22 member schools volunteered to share their time and expertise with their colleagues. 

At the St George’s location almost every school on the mainland participated with all its teachers.  Karen Potter and Shannon Wilson were tasked with juggling the logistics of the event which was projected to draw 750 teachers but which had to cater for near 1000.  The event which this year is three times last year’s inaugral event was attended by David Helfand who gave the opening address which was described by many as inspirational.  The beautiful Brentwood location was so enjoyed by its visitors with  its organisation also being described as exemplary.

Feedback from participants indicated that they valued most the keynote address, the variety of workshops at the St George’s location and the opportunity to network on such a large scale with other iindependent school teachers.


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