The Learning Disabilities Association of Canada is hosting a virtual conference on May 28, 2021 from 11am-5:30pm entitled “Closing the COVID Gap:  Supporting Literacy, Numeracy, and Social Emotional Learning for Students with Specific Learning Disorders”.  The learning gap for students with Specific Learning Disorders is an ongoing concern and with the onset of the COVID pandemic, individuals are struggling even more due to school closures, online learning challenges, and mental health issues.

The 2021 Learning Disabilities Association of Canada Virtual Conference is designed to educate teachers on:

  • How to advance literacy in the virtual classroom
  • How to advance numeracy in the virtual classroom
  • The absolute best way to adapt teaching styles to distance learning
  • How to help students with learning disabilities cope with the social and emotional challenges brought on by the pandemic
  • How to develop Teaching Strategies to Support Mathematical Computation and Reasoning
  • How to develop Strategies to Support Executive Functioning and Self-Regulation

Registering for this unique conference means:

  • You will learn how to facilitate effective learning for those with learning disabilities
  • Be energized by the “aha” moments of students overcoming the challenges of distance learning
  • Connect with teachers and experts from across Canada

For more information on how to register, please visit link here.

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