ISEA Track and Field Competition, Minoru Park, 30th May 2013

The Independent Schools Elementary Athletics schools held their annual Track and Field event at the end of May.  St George’s School won the Boys’ event and Crofton House won the Girls’ event.   But there is far more to the competition than just winning. Camryn Wong, Grade 7, York House School provides this delightful account of the importance of this ISABC event in so many other areas:

Thursday, May 30th, 2013 marked a great, but sad day. I have so many happy memories of track since Grade 3, but I am sad, as this was the very last ISEA track meet in which I would be able to participate.
Taking part in track and field has given me responsibilities to fulfill. Being in Grade 7, you are considered a “leader” and the younger kids look up to you.  They ask you all sorts of questions and go to you when they are nervous and scared. In time, and as we grow, we learn to deal and handle these types of situations. Responsibilities like staying on top of time and listening for marshalling announcements are all part of the sport. But when the gun goes off, or it’s your turn to throw or jump, that’s your time to shine.
If you think you are interested in track and field and you are not sure if you want to join, I say give it a try! What harm can it do?  You’re getting exercise, you’re learning new things, and you’re making a difference for your school. Even if you are in Grade 5 or 6, give it a go. I have friends that joined in Grade 6.  Some have found talents that they didn’t know existed, gotten personal bests, and even gotten placed in the top three (bonus!).
In the end it does not matter where you placed.  It means a lot that you got out there to participate for the team represented on the front of your jersey.  Your team is counting on you to try and do your best.  In sports, we are always encouraged to reach for our goals, to reach for our personal best. Track and field has taught me that we must continue to learn, we must all continue to support and teach one another, and we must put in our best effort in order to reach our goals.

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