Grade 1 Teacher (Temporary, February 22, 2022 to February 22, 2023)

Grade 1 Teacher (Temporary, February 22, 2022 to February 22, 2023)

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Position: Grade 1 Teacher (Temporary, February 22, 2022 to February 22, 2023)

Department: Junior School

Reports to: Junior School Principal

Interfaces with: Faculty, staff, students and the entire school community


Founded in 2000, Stratford Hall is located in the heart of East Vancouver. An innovative International Baccalaureate (IB) World School, serving students from Kindergarten to Grade 12, Stratford Hall has grown steadily under the care of inspiring leaders and talented and thoughtful teachers and support staff. The school’s graduates have matriculated to outstanding post-secondary institutions in Canada, the United States, and abroad.

Position Rationale and Goal:

Teachers are the key element in our school’s ability to promote the social, emotional and academic well-being of the students entrusted to our care. Teachers at Stratford Hall are the primary facilitators of student learning, essential elements in encouraging our students to become great human beings who embody the IB Learner Profile and key drivers of a school culture that is warm, inviting and unabashedly committed to the ideals of the International Baccalaureate programmes. 

Stratford Hall is currently seeking a Grade 1 Teacher to cover a leave, from February 21, 2022 to February 21, 2023.    

Profile and Qualifications:

Candidates for any position at the school are expected to possess:

●        Strong communication skills in English, both spoken and written;

●        Strong organizational, communication, administrative and interpersonal skills; and

●        The ability to work both independently and collaboratively as part of a team. 


●        Eligibility for BC teacher certification prior to starting in role;

●        A university degree with a teaching emphasis or completion of a teacher preparation program;

●        IB experience and/or training (preferred)

Key Responsibility

In support and facilitation of each student reaching their utmost potential in terms of their character development, academic progress and attainment, our Evidence of Learning documents define our beliefs and expectations for high-quality learning practice and the professional conduct that supports that pursuit.

We use the following domains as a common K-12 framework to guide our constant improvement through self-reflection, peer observation, individual goal-setting, informal and formal observations. The domains include the following components, each of which is further detailed in the Faculty Growth and Supervision Handbook:

●        Domain 1: Planning and Preparation

o   1a: Demonstrating Knowledge of Content and Pedagogy

o   1b: Demonstrating Knowledge of Students

o   1c: Setting Instructional Outcomes

o   1d: Demonstrating Knowledge of Resources

o   1e: Designing Coherent Instruction

o   1f: Designing Student Assessments

●        Domain 2: The Classroom Environment

o   2a: Creating an environment of respect and rapport

o   2b: Establishing a culture for learning

o   2c: Managing classroom procedures

o   2d: Managing student behavior

o   2e: Organizing physical space

●        Domain 3: Facilitating Learning

o   3a: Communication for learning

o   3b: Questioning, prompts and discussion to promote thinking

o   3c: Student engagement for learning

o   3d: Assessment and feedback for learning

o   3e: Flexibility and responsiveness

●        Domain 4: Professional Responsibilities

o   4a: Reflecting on Teaching

o   4b: Maintaining Accurate Records

o   4c: Communicating with Families

o   4d: Participating in a Professional Community

o   4e: Growing and Developing Professionally

o   4f: Showing Professionalism

Additional Key Responsibilities:

●        Model and encourage a culture of kindness in support of the IB Learner Profile;

●        Foster the attributes of a Stratford Hall graduate in all students so that they can:

o   Be successful at their post-secondary endeavors;

o   Be principled in their work and personal lives;

o   Be curious and continue to learn throughout their lives.

o   Engage in local and global issues, for the betterment of all;

o   Demonstrate balance in their lives.

●        Know, understand and act upon the following:

o   Key terms and conditions within their contract;

o   Any and all documents pertaining to learning and teaching, including BC Ministry of Education curriculum and relevant IB documentation, course guides, and

o   Any and all faculty and family handbooks that outline school policies and practices with particular attention to health, safety and child protection.

●        Be a good role model with regard to attendance, punctuality, presentation, personal and professional conduct and attire, in all contexts whether online or offline;

●        Uphold the professional role they have in the wider community and the importance of always acting as an ambassador for Stratford Hall;

●        Take responsibility for their own professional development and keep up to date with research and development in pedagogy and in the grades/subjects they teach;

●        Act upon their professional responsibilities in relation to school policies and practices, including those concerned with homeroom/advisory/pastoral care, as well as matters that include anti-bullying, anti-substance abuse, and firm academic integrity standards;

●        Liaise effectively and positively with parents and other caregivers as well as with agencies responsible for students’ education and welfare;

●        Participate in administrative and organizational tasks related to the professional duties of a teacher including:

o   Maintain accurate and up-to-date records of progress and attainment for each student in line with divisional expectations;

o   Contribute to the development and maintenance of up-to-date curriculum documentation in line with divisional expectations;

o   Manage and supervise other personnel who also support student learning as assigned; and

o   Assist in the budgeting, ordering and allocation of equipment and materials annually.

●        Attend and contribute to assemblies, events and meetings, some of which may occur outside of regular school hours, including but not limited to a weekly after school divisional or program meeting, welcome events, assessment day(s), etc.;

●        Develop leadership within themselves and others;

●        Accept, assume and seek responsibility;

●        Attend staff meetings and serve on committees as required.

●        Contribute meaningfully as leaders of co-curricular activities

Professional Development and Appraisal:

The Stratford Hall Teacher Growth and Supervision Handbook outlines the processes by which we seek to ensure that high quality teaching and learning occurs daily, while concurrently promoting professional development. Our program merges these purposes into one system that helps achieve accountability, while also promoting continuous teacher growth. To that end, Stratford Hall has:

●        a clear definition of what teaching is through our Evidence of Learning rubric (the “what”);

●        instruments and procedures that provide evidence of learning and teaching (the “how”);

●        trained Senior Leaders who make consistent evaluations based on evidence and observation;

●        a process for teachers to understand the expected criteria;

●        a process for identifying professional development needs and goals;

●        a process for making final judgments regarding contract renewals; and

●        a process for inducting new faculty

Application Process:

All interested applications should forward a cover letter and resume, attention Junior School Principal to [email protected]

This posting will remain open until filled.  We thank all candidates; only shortlisted candidates will be contacted.

To apply for this job email your details to

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