1.0 FTE Physical Health Education and Outdoor Experiential Education Teacher and Head of Department, G6-10 – International Baccalaureate

1.0 FTE Physical Health Education and Outdoor Experiential Education Teacher and Head of Department, G6-10 – International Baccalaureate

Start Date: August 25, 2023

Division: Senior School

Reports to: Senior School Principal

Interfaces with: students, parents, teachers, senior leaders, support staff

Position Rationale and Goal:

The teacher is the key element in the school’s ability to promote the social, emotional and academic well-being of the students and is the key driver of a school culture that is warm, inviting and unabashedly committed to the ideals of the International Baccalaureate programmes. Consistent with the Ministry of Education and International Baccalaureate programmes, the teacher works within an established framework for the delivery of educational service which supports the school programme. The teacher ensures that the instructional programme is implemented in a way that maximizes learning for all students. 


Candidates for this teaching position at the school are expected to possess:

  • Strong communication skills in English, both spoken and written
  • Experience teaching Physical Health Education at the secondary school level
  • Experience teaching Outdoor Experiential Education (Note: The Head of Department PHE/OEE collaborates closely with the OEE Coordinator)
  • Strong organizational, communication, administrative and interpersonal skills, and
  • The ability to work both independently and collaboratively as part of a team. 


  • Eligibility for BC teacher certification prior to starting in role
  • A university degree with a teaching emphasis in a relevant field or completion of a teacher preparation program
  • Hold a Class 4 License, or ability to obtain

Key Responsibilities:

  • Plans, organizes and implements an appropriate instructional programme in a learning environment that guides and encourages all students to develop and fulfill their academic potential
  • Supervises and evaluates all students within their teaching assignment
  • Working collaboratively with a team of educational professionals, demonstrates a strong commitment to the planning for improvement process in support of student achievement
  • Models and encourages a culture of kindness in support of the IB Learner Profile
  • Fosters the development of the attributes of a Stratford Hall graduate in all students
  • Understands and acts upon the following: 
    * All documents pertaining to learning and teaching, including BC Ministry of Education curriculum and relevant IB documentation, course guides; and
    * All faculty and family handbooks that outline school policies and practices with particular attention to health, safety and child protection
  • Serves as role model with regard to attendance, punctuality, presentation, personal and professional conduct and attire, in all contexts whether online or offline
  • Takes responsibility for their own professional development and keeps up to date with research and development in pedagogy and in the grades/subjects they teach
  • Communicates effectively and positively with parents and other caregivers as well as with agencies responsible for students’ education and welfare
  • Participates in administrative and organizational tasks related to the professional duties of a teacher including:
    * Maintaining accurate and up-to-date records of progress and attainment for each student;
    * Contributing to the development and maintenance of up-to-date curriculum documentation; 
    * Providing direction to other personnel who support student learning, as assigned; and
    * Assisting in the budgeting, ordering and allocation of equipment and materials
  • Attends and contributes to assemblies, events and meetings, some of which may occur outside of regular school hours, including welcome events, assessment day(s), etc.
  • Attends staff meetings and serves on committees, as required
  • Coaches or sponsors teams within two seasons of the athletics programme
  • Assumes additional duties as assigned by their divisional Principal

Commitment to Effective Practice:

Stratford Hall teachers are committed to their development as effective practitioners. This commitment is grounded in the 4 domains of effective practice found in the work of Charlotte Danielson, a common K to 12 framework for effective teaching practice. The competencies expressed in Danielson’s work are the goal to which Stratford Hall teachers aspire. The domains include:

  • Domain 1: Planning and Preparation
  • Domain 2: The Classroom Environment
  • Domain 3: Facilitating Learning
  • Domain 4: Professional Responsibilities

Senior School Head of Department Position Profile


Reports to: Senior School Principal

Term: August 2023 – June 2025 (2 year term) – open internal applications every two years

Remuneration: $2,000 per academic year and 0.2 FTE allocation. 


Purpose of Role: The Head of Department is delegated to promote and coordinate the efficient working of a subject area department in the Senior School. Heads of Department are appointed by the Senior School Principal. Heads of Department will work closely with teachers and support staff within their departments, MYP and DP Coordinators, and administration in advocating for their subject (and student) needs in approaches to learning (ATL) and curriculum progression. 

Key Duties and Responsibilities:



  • Convene regular department meetings, prepare an agenda and publish minutes to department members, coordinators and administration
  • Participate in the annual budgeting process
  • Review all purchase requests within their department
  • Ensure all departmental resources, equipment and supplies are accounted for
  • Communicate effectively within the department, between departments, and with the Coordinator and/or administration
  • Contribute to school publications as required
  • Act as the school’s and department’s liaison with other educational groups and agencies with respect to their subject
  • Provide leadership in department specific initiatives (e.g. Group 4 project, International Mother Tongue Day, etc…)



  • In collaboration with teachers, coordinators and administration, set the objectives and aims of the department, aligned with the School’s strategic goals
  • Oversee the vertical articulation of the curriculum and approaches to learning in their subject area, facilitating conversations across the Continuum
  • Plan moderation and standardization of summative assessments
  • Oversee the development of the written and assessed curriculum within the department, ensuring all curricular resources are uploaded to ManageBac or Google Team Drives
  • Keep abreast of developments within the BC Ministry of Education and IB related to their subject
  • Support department members in student reporting 


Staff/Departmental Development

  • Encourage professional learning opportunities for department members and the department as a whole
  • Collaborate with the coordinators to ensure department members satisfy the mandatory IB professional development requirements
  • Promote teamwork and encourage and facilitate effective working relations
  • Lead by example and consider the views of others when decision making
  • Provide ongoing support and encouragement to all members of the department, especially new teachers within their department
  • Schedule peer observations within the department
  • Provide recommendations for teacher assignments to the Principal
  • Support department members through the Senior School Pro-Growth model
  • Support department members with student/parent enquiries relating to the delivery of a course



  • Monitor and support the overall progress and development of students within their department
  • Coordinate the process of student placements within the department, and as required, mediate appeals regarding placements
  • Standardize expectations in common courses


  • Must teach in the subject area they are applying to with experience teaching
  • Demonstrated ability to lead, preferably in a K-12 setting
  • 3-5 years experience teaching in the subject area/discipline they are applying to lead (preferred)

 Skills and personal attributes:

  • Committed to ensuring high standards of teaching and learning
  • The ability to inspire others
  • Organized, efficient and clear in thought
  • Approachable and calm with a good sense of humour
  • Excellent interpersonal and communication skills
  • Committed to team building and collaboration

Application Process:

All interested applicants should forward a cover letter and resume, attention Senior School Principal, to [email protected]. We thank all applicants for their interest in working at Stratford Hall.  Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted.  This position will remain open until filled.

We are committed to supporting a diverse and inclusive workforce by ensuring a barrier-free work environment. We welcome applications from all qualified job seekers, including applicants from historically underrepresented groups such as BIPOC (black, indigenous, and people of color), persons with disabilities, and 2SLGBTQ (persons of all sexual orientations and genders). If you are an applicant with a disability, and require accommodation in either the recruitment process or on the job, we will work together with you to provide the reasonable workplace accommodations you need.

To apply for this job email your details to careers@stratfordhall.ca.

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