Junior School Counsellor

Junior School Counsellor

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Job Description Title: Junior School Counsellor
Reports To: Junior School Principal

Department: Junior School 

Interfaces with: Students, Teachers, Parents, PYP Coordinator, Principal, other members of the school staff as required, external professionals as needed.


Position Rationale and Goal:
The Guidance Counsellor supports the social and emotional growth, and overall well-being, of Junior School students. Under the direction and support of the Junior School Principal, the Guidance Counsellor will work collaboratively with members of the Junior School team to develop a social and emotional learning programme that meets the needs of students in Kindergarten to Grade 5, ages 4 to 12. This programme will include both “standalone” instructional lessons and team-teaching with classroom teachers within the programme of Inquiry. As needed, the counsellor will also provide support to grade groupings, small groups of students, and individual students from time to time on a short-term basis. The Guidance Counsellor will also play a key role in educating staff and parents.

Key responsibilities:
 Support of Junior School Students

●        Establish a relationship of trust and respect with students

●        Implement, lead and measure the success of social and emotional learning (SEL) curricula

●        Teach lessons in Kindergarten to Grade 5 classrooms, in collaboration with teachers, to address specific SEL goals/topics

●        Provide developmentally appropriate interventions to assist students with school-related problems and issues within the classroom setting, in small groups, and when needed, on a short-term basis, individually

●        Assist in mediation and conflict resolution, utilising restorative justice practices

●        In collaboration with the Principal and homeroom teachers, develop and implement an orientation programme for new Grades 1 to 5 students

●        Meet with all homeroom classes at the beginning of the school year to discuss the role of the Guidance Counsellor

●        As needed, assist with student matters in the Senior School

Teachers, Support Staff, and Administration

●        Develop and oversee SEL and wellness training for Junior School staff

●        Support teachers with suggestions for effective classroom management

●        Support classroom teachers with K-5 students related to social-emotional difficulties

●        Assist teachers in providing an emotionally supportive environment for students with emotional challenges

●        Collaborate with the Principal to identify and resolve student issues, needs and problems

●        Curate, maintain and distribute research-based information (to staff) on pertinent counselling, student wellness and SEL topics

●        Take an active role in the regular student wellness meetings

●        Assist teachers and administration in identifying students who require programming adaptations

●        Train teachers related to their child protection/duty to report responsibilities

●        Collaborate with faculty and administration to identify needs for ongoing faculty professional development, including helping deliver and/or source such training


●        Assist teachers and parents in understanding and responding to the developmental needs of students, acting as a liaison and resource for both parties

●        Provide parent education and arrange outside speakers on topics of interest aligned with the school learning goals and the SEL program 2 times per year

Other Responsibilities

●        Be flexible, responding to urgent needs in a timely manner as they arise

●        Provide referrals to other support services and community resources for families

●        Represent the school at ISABC counsellor meetings

●        Stay abreast of research and practice in the field of elementary education and counselling

●        Report/assist with reports to the Ministry of Children and Family Development as necessary

●        Adhere to the ethical standards of the Counselling profession and practice in accordance with applicable laws, statutes, and/or policies that related to students and families, i.e. child protection/child abuse, special education, attendance, education rights and privacy

●        Assume additional duties as assigned by the Junior School Principal

Candidate Profile
●        A commitment to educating the whole student

●        An open-minded, supportive and enthusiastic educator

●        Collaborative, flexible, and effective team-player

●        Ability to develop strong professional relationships with all stakeholders

●        Experience developing and/or coordinating SEL programming

●        Strong communication, organizational and time-management skills

●        A commitment to continuous professional growth and improvement

●        Minimum 3 years of successful counselling/teaching in an elementary school

●        British Columbia Teacher certification (required)

●        Master’s degree in counselling (preferred)

●        Bachelor of Education, Elementary (preferred)

●        Registered Clinical Counsellor or Canadian Clinical Counsellor designation (preferred)

●        IB experience (preferred)

All interested applicants should forward a resume and cover letter, attention Junior School Principal, to [email protected]

This position will remain open until filled.

To apply for this job please visit www.isabc.ca.

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