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Position: Head of School
Start date: July 2024

King David High School is a pluralistic community Jewish high school. Our vision is to be a dynamic leader in empowering Jewish minds and engaging Jewish hearts for the modern world.

We are also a top-rated independent school in central Vancouver; we are members of ISABC and are a CAIS-accredited school. Our staff come from all walks of life and backgrounds – we value diversity. King David teachers enjoy working in a warm, collegial environment. We collaborate to create a fun and caring learning environment where our students strive to reach their potential by setting high standards and working hard. King David High School nurtures a Jewish culture characterized by a shared tradition, a common dedication to social justice, and a love for learning.

The Head of School (HOS) will report to the Board of Directors and comply with the B.C. Independent School Act, and any policies made pursuant thereto or by the Board of Directors. The HOS will carry out the policies, procedures, mission, and vision of the School, including administrative, management, supervisory duties, as well as other duties and responsibilities assigned by the Board of Directors.

The HOS is responsible for the effective general management of King David High School (KDHS), ensuring the provision of academic leadership and strategic vision, and for the quality of the student experience. The HOS is responsible for all academic, administrative, and community relations activities at KDHS. The HOS will establish high standards of academic excellence while building positive relations with all stakeholders, including students, parents, academic staff, government officials, and the Jewish community-at-large. The HOS will facilitate the strategic performance, team development, building stakeholder relationships, and is ultimately responsible for all operations. The HOS must demonstrate business acumen through strong financial management, change management, and communication skills.

The HOS will possess excellent academic credentials, senior-level administrative experience, an understanding of the role of independent schools, and a rapport with young people. The HOS will be a seasoned educator with outstanding interpersonal skills, who is able to build and maintain relationships based on trust, accountability, open communications, and decisive action. The HOS will have broad knowledge of Jewish culture and religious practices but will delegate matters requiring Jewish expertise to The Head of Judaic Studies.

A performance review conducted by the Board of Directors will occur annually.

Core Responsibilities:

• Articulate a clear vision for academic excellence at KDHS supported by strong and effective leadership in the delivery of the General Studies curricula.
• Focus and direct the implementation of a comprehensive program for Judaic studies, including both cultural and religious education, through the Head of Judaic Studies.
• Ensure student safety while in the school and when outside on school-related activities.
• Be responsible for building an effective team, both educational and administrative, that fosters a collegial and collaborative work environment.
• Establish a succession plan supported by professional development and recruitment strategies to ensure KDHS will attract, retain and grow the resources needed for continued success.
• Implement the strategic direction for KDHS, including the core vision, mission, values, objectives, and targets. Gain commitment from all stakeholders to support the strategic direction. Begin the process of national accreditation where appropriate.
• Be involved in the active recruitment and retention of students.
• Ensure all staff (teachers, support, and administrative) are evaluated through performance reviews either annually or as determined by practice and policy to maintain excellent professional standards.
• Assist staff with coursework modification to support differentiated instruction.
• Oversee the implementation of the General Studies curriculum for each grade.
• Develop integrated curricula and programs that reflect the critical interrelationship of Judaic and general studies, for each grade.
• Oversee the implementation of Judaic studies, including Hebrew language instruction, for each grade.
• Oversee the implementation of Jewish values and holiday programming, for each grade.
• Provide teachers with ongoing professional development opportunities, training, and coaching.
• Maintain and improve the perception of KDHS within the Jewish community, through Marketing and Public Relations activities that communicate passion, joy and pride for Jewish learning
and living.
• Act as primary liaison to BC Education, ISABC, FISA, CAIS, Prizmah and other professional associations.
• Participate in the life of the Jewish and general communities, serving as an ambassador for KDHS.
• Effectively fundraise, including accessing grants, on behalf of KDHS.

Other Responsibilities:

• General control and management of the School that ensures a safe and harassment free workplace for all employees.
• Involvement in the active recruitment and retention of students.
• Implement a child centered learning environment that nurtures personal growth, including academic and social success.
• Exemplify creative thinking and problem solving for staff.
• Mediate conflicts among students, staff and parents, through reference to the School and KDHS Code of Conduct and Harassment Policies.
• Maintain discipline in the School and deal with all discipline issues as outlined by the KDHS policies.
• Develop and send regular communication to parents and staff, including school newsletters.
• Solicit community volunteers, as required.
• Participate in the life of the Jewish and general communities, serving as an ambassador and advocate for KDHS at all times.
• Administer the School budget, including application for grants and Level I, II and III funding.
• Attend all school functions.
• Support individual and group professional development.
• Arrange and run regular staff meetings, including department meetings.
• Be visible in the hallways and classrooms.
• Attend all PAC meetings

To apply to become our next Head of School, please send a cover letter and resume to our search consultant at Prizmah: Center for Jewish Day Schools; Amy Wasser, Senior Director, Prizmah School Services, [email protected].

Start date: July 2024

Competitive salary and benefits to be negotiated between the Candidate and the Board President.

To apply for this job email your details to amyw@prizmah.org.

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