Grade 10-12 Culinary World Tour Teacher & Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Coordinator

Grade 10-12 Culinary World Tour Teacher & Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Coordinator

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Queen Margaret’s School is accepting applications for a Grade 10-12 Culinary World Tour Teacher & Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Coordinator for the term of late August 2024 until June 30, 2025. This will be a 1.0 FTE position.


Grade 10-12 Culinary World Tour Teacher & Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Coordinator introduces students in Grades 10-12 to hard skills in the area of foods and food preparation, as well as the history of food and culinary traditions. Students will be encouraged to generate new and innovative ideas and learn about diverse food cultures and traditions, both locally and globally. 


This posting will close upon the appointment of a suitable candidate so early application is advised.


The candidate must possess or be eligible for Teacher Certification through the BC Ministry of Education Teacher Regulation Branch.


Teachers interested in joining Queen Margaret’s School community must embrace the ethos of an independent school education, develop positive relationships with all community members, and contribute to a collaborative learning environment. Dedicated time for collaborating with a team to design and implement cross-curricular units of study through the year is provided.


Applications must include proof of teacher certification and degrees obtained.




Teach students a variety of hard skills related to culinary arts, including but not limited to:Safe food handling
Food cooking methodology
Food sustainability
Local and International cuisines
History of food and culinary traditions
Oversee a student-run café/snack bar.
Use a variety of assessment strategies to measure student progress.
Bring energy, enthusiasm, and a love of learning to the classroom.
Attend meetings and school events as required.
Lead co-curricular assignments with enthusiasm.
Model the core values of the school.
Collaborate with peers to support a student-centered learning environment.
Take an active part in all professional development activities, including staff meetings.




The following are requirements for this position:


Experience teaching culinary arts to adolescents.
Experience with intercultural cuisine. 
Experience in intercultural collaboration in the Cowichan Valley.
Experience in, or educational qualifications for, teaching the history of food and global culinary traditions.
Experience with Socratic or Harkness discussion-based pedagogies.
Experience with boarding and co-curricular ethos of an independent school.
Strong organizational and communication skills with a proven ability to communicate and develop relationships with a wide array of stakeholders (students, parents, teacher colleagues, community members, etc.
Commitment to continuous professional growth and professional learning.
Proven ability to motivate students through meaningful curriculum and inquiry-driven learning.
Demonstrated ability to develop strong learning relationships through the provision of a safe and trusting learning environment.
Experience using project-based learning approaches and commitment to regularly engage in experiential learning opportunities with students.
Familiarity with relevant assessment strategies to provide continual feedback.
Demonstrated ability to effectively differentiate and be responsive to student needs.
Experience, sensitivity and awareness of working within a multicultural environment.
Willingness to embrace the ethos of an independent school and make a commitment to the extensive co-curricular life of an independent school

Preferences will be given to candidates who also have the following skills and qualifications:


Formal background or training in Culinary Arts.
Proficiency in speaking Mandarin – significant for safety.
Engagement and understanding of multicultural student needs.
International travel experience.
Experience in teaching and learning related to world cuisine.
Experience working with special needs children.
Experience with DEIG (diversity, equity, inclusion, globalization).
Standard First Aid certification or above.

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