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A Unique Opportunity:

Fraser Academy (FA) is looking for an ambitious, strategic-minded leader who will be responsible for the current and long-term effectiveness of its financial, facilities and (certain) administrative operations. This position ensures the financial health and operational performance of FA. The successful incumbent will have a track record of financial and operational excellence, be forward-thinking, identify with the culture and values of FA, and be an active and participatory leader in its community.

About our Organization:

Since its inception in 1982, expert educators at FA have been dedicated to serving students with dyslexia and other language based learning differences. Over the past several decades, and in particular under current leadership, we have become a leader in the field, recognized nationally and internationally for our programs and expertise.

Our evolution has also affirmed our commitment to the wider community which leads us to where we are today, and in the future. FA now offers:

1. an independent school (recognized by CAIS & ISABC), our day school program serves over 260 students in grades 1-12;
2. outreach, including after 3 and summer programs for learners, & consulting for families;
3. training & professional development for individual educators, schools and school boards.

FA fills a gap in systemic education where approximately 20% of the student population is underserved in mainstream classrooms. The ripple effect of our programming has great social value as our student population has skills and strengths which are in demand in the 21st century, but can also be vulnerable to mental health difficulties, higher drop-out rates, and other risks when left unsupported.

The relevance to the wider community and society is important. It requires us to intervene in the education system and seek partnership beyond what schools would normally be expected to do.

We are proud to be at the forefront of education, providing the most effective research-based methods to optimize personalized learning, cognitive, social and emotional development, and post-secondary opportunities. For more information about FA, please visit us at To learn more about our vision for stronger community and expanded impact, please read our current strategic plan to 2025.


Our journey is an inspiration for what more is possible…and like any driven organization, we are constantly motivated by the question: “how do we build on this?”. In service to people with dyslexia, we are firmly establishing ourselves as a leader. We are an organization in which unconventional thinking and visionary ideas are embraced; continuous improvement is part of our daily philosophy.

Position Summary:

Reporting to the Head of School (Head), the Chief Finance & Administrative Officer (CFAO) ensures FA’s sound financial & operational management and health. The position is part of the Executive Leadership team and responsible for the full scope of financial operations, including accounting, reporting and analysis, controls, systems and financial management advice. In addition, this role will partner closely with the Head and Director of Advancement to implement FA’s strategic plan and help realize a centre of educational excellence in dyslexia for Canada.

In 2020, FA launched a new strategic plan. The CFAO is expected to manage FA’s financial resources to achieve the priorities set out in the plan. Priority D of the plan demands we ensure an accessible, affordable and sustainable organization; therefore, we need an entrepreneurial CFAO who can deliver on this priority while also being a key collaborative partner to help:

1. realize a campaign to enable a new campus and expand the day student base from 260 to 500, and grow FA’s 2. reputation as an educational center of excellence in dyslexia;
2. establish and expand outreach programs (FAx) with a balanced model, contributing to revenue & increasing public good; and
3. create a leading training center for educators.

Specific Responsibilities / Priorities:

Executive Leadership

• Deliver on priorities, through operations & finance, set out in the strategic plan to 2025.

• Support the Board & Executive Team in developing a new strategic plan from 2025.

• Provide financial and strategic leadership to:

       • Be ahead of the curve within the educational and economic landscape adapting FA’s financial health to take advantage of emerging/innovative practices and manage risk;
       • Develop systems and processes to ensure a modern and nimble organization;

• Partner with the School, Outreach, Advancement teams by ensuring, as applicable, financial (incl. robust revenue/expense tracking), accounting and investment aspects.

• Be a model brand ambassador; manage & steward key relationships specific to this role.

• Support the Building Committee Chair and Head in the development of a new campus master plan & procure a new facility which embodies a world-class center for dyslexia.

• Help lead the development and creation of FA’s business plan(s), ensuring such plans incorporate short and long term strategic financial models.

• Undertake certain corporate secretary duties, managing the minute books, as well as filing and other governance compliance matters.

• Provide the appropriate maintenance, including development of, institutional policies and procedures, and privacy obligations (as FA’s Privacy Officer) which an educational organization should adhere to in its ordinary course.

• Work collaboratively across departments, incl. to ensure the facilitation of Gov. of BC annual operating grants, including Special Education grants, ensuring timely reporting and accountability; assist with Gov. of BC, and CAIS audit processes as required.

Operations incl. HR & IT

• Provide transparent and accurate financial reporting, planning, record keeping etc. that build trust among all stakeholders incl. Board, faculty, staff, students, parents, donors.

• Ensure consistent application of policies, procedures, protocols, internal controls/reviews and best practices to reflect FA’s vision, values, professional standards and to safeguard assets, protect confidential information and enable accurate financial reporting.

• Manage and monitor all financial transactions.

• Oversee the management of payroll and HR functions (working with the Head).

• Model being an inspirational and motivational leader to help retain, attract and support the performance and growth of FA talent within own team and across the organization.

• Ensure CRA compliance, safeguarding the non-profit and charitable status of FA.

• Oversee IT, recognizing the specific needs & use of technology for students and staff; ensure software to manage effective registrar, admissions and advancement needs.

• Ensures daily operational services meet FA’s needs e.g. security, janitorial, phone etc.

Other Financial Reporting and Analyses

• Prepare financial reports and statements for the Head, Board and Finance Committee.

• Prepare all financial statements, returns and other required documentation to meet government and other reporting requirements, and ensure successful annual audits.

• Conduct financial analyses to monitor FA’s financial resources, including revenues, project costs and operating performance against budgets, to identify risks and opportunities and make corresponding recommendations.

• Develop financial models for use in negotiation, long-term planning and other senior management decision making needs.

• Prepare year-end reports, cash-flow analyses, earned and philanthropic/funding revenue and expense reports, and grant summaries.

• Provide specialized financial advice and expertise to the Head and Board of Directors.

• Review the FA Foundation’s management and investment strategies in the furtherance of maximizing FA’s financial resources, proactively providing input & recommendations.

• Build modeling that ensures economic accessibility and affordability, recognizing the importance of serving families who may not have means but need support.

• Prepare reports for and act as a voting member of the Bursary Award Committee.


• Lead the development of campus master plan(s) to support institutional needs.

• Oversee material capital projects, including financial management of any new facility envisioned by FA to successful completion; working with and reporting to the Head and Building Committee Chair specifically; work with all third parties with a steadfast commitment to “on time and on budget” delivery.

• Oversee the short and long term, incl. day to day management of, facilities including:

       • Proactively evaluating, making recommendations and providing key information to help inform improvements including expansions;
      • Working with Board Committees on new construction/renovation project management, including budget management and compliance;
       • Implementing and maintaining Building Condition Reports;
       • Maintaining a Capital Asset Plan for the maintenance, repair and replacement to preserve and protect the value, longevity and use of facilities;
       • Administering institutional/property insurance process and vendor selection;
       • Leading the management/negotiation of leases, including identifying opportunities.

Core Competencies

Financial and operational excellence – high degree of ethics, integrity & performance to deliver financial, accounting and audit management & operational effectiveness

Strategic, Innovative Thinking – capacity to think creatively & strategically, and able to assess processes, information and systems to recommend optimization & improvements

Sound judgement – ability to make decisions, problem-solve quickly and manage risk

Concise & compelling communicator – presents complex information, requirements and recommendations in user-friendly manner to audiences, and seek buy-in


The successful candidate will have 10+ years of senior leadership experience in superior financial, accounting and audit management & relevant operational results; an undergraduate degree and/or MBA in Business Administration, Accounting, Finance or related field along with a CPA designation. Preference will be given to candidates with educational non-profit experience.

To apply please send your resume and cover letter to Maureen Steltman, Head of School ℅ Kane White Consulting via email: [email protected].

Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted. Thank you for your interest, we look forward to hearing from you!

Technical Skills

• Extensive knowledge of:

       • Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP), consolidation theory and practice, modern controllership, financial and accounting theories and practices, in order to set the financial framework and oversee the financial operations of FA, to provide specialized financial expertise, advice and leadership, and to set accounting standards and ensure compliance;
       • Financial policy/procedures and systems design/development principles and methods to develop and implement a range of financial and business processing/operational policies/procedures and corporate systems to meet audit and other requirements;
      • Financial reporting processes and requirements to lead the year-end financial analysis and financial consolidation process for FA reporting;
       • Systems design and development principles to lead the design, development and implementation of financial reporting systems, and the use, operations and capabilities of large scale computer systems for financial reporting;
       • Business planning budget development and performance measurement principles, processes and best practices to enable business delivery and advice;
       • Strategic plans & directions, capital planning, campaign projections and operations;
       • Relevant legislation, regulations to ensure compliance. Exceptional analytical, organizational, planning &  problem-solving, attention to detail capabilities;
Financial and general governance, and developing practices like ESG.

• Ability to manage and monitor all financial transactions, including accounts payable, accounts receivable and payroll/benefits, and oversees reconciliations; Reviews and approves purchases and invoices, in accordance with budgets, financial authorities and contractual agreements; Reviews and monitors all cash transactions, ensuring compliance with handling and control procedures; Manages banking, debt and lease agreements and negotiates terms, rates and ensures compliance; Collaborates with FA’s counsel and insurance agents regarding all legal and risk management matters.

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