Today for Tomorrow: Facing Challenge & Change with Courage, Citizenship & Leadership

Today for Tomorrow: Facing Challenge & Change with Courage, Citizenship & Leadership

May 25, 2017
Chantal Drolet, Department Head, Languages & Teacher, Creative Arts & Design, Crofton House Senior School

Filming with the Heart in Mind.

CHS filmmakers demonstrating courage and citizenship

  1. Imagine student film crews promoting ecological stewardship and managing to contact the Mayor of Vancouver for an interview about the importance of sustainability.
  2. Envision camera women demonstrating creativity and self-awareness with a poetic piece inspired by and nurturing their relationship with the environment.
  3. Picture filmmakers striving to complete products worthy of being selected for provincial and international student film festivals.

CHS girls cover the digital filmmaking process from idea development and scriptwriting, through camera operations, into editing and sound mixing. They use digital cameras, editing suites and studio effects to produce their short films. The focus on communication also allows our young leaders to generate well-prepared pitches, filmed in front of the green screen and presented at public screenings.

Producers challenging our views
Filmmakers learn rapid prototyping, collaborative techniques and are proud to present original and meaningful products at the end of their highly engaging experiences.

  1. A documentary promotes female athlete
  2. A public service announcement demystifies the power of social media
  3. A drama denounces stereotypes surrounding disabilities

Students enrolled in the film production program develop their artistic and technological interests while exploring wide educational and career opportunities offered in the business, communication and media industries.
Mastering the change today for a better tomorrow

The Digital Film Communication's "Filming with the Heart in Mind" philosophy embraces the perspective of a growth mindset: a belief that abilities can be developed through dedication and hard work— potential being the starting point. The film program's 21st century experiential and mastery learning models, provide ongoing feedback to students on their learning journey. These approaches create a joy of learning and a resilience essential for extraordinary accomplishments.

The 2017 CHS Student Film Festival, an event successfully scripted, directed and hosted by our film students, is the culmination of today's apprentice leaders' courageous and engaged cinematic endeavours to create a better tomorrow.
CHS Digital Film Communication Program Accolades and Achievements
2017 Powell River: 5-Minute Film Contest - Provincial
Best Experimental

  • Winner – "Lonely season" - Grade 11 - Darcy H., Taylor D.
  • Runner up – "A Dance For..." - Grade 11 and 12 - Emily F., Colette G., Hannah S., Sophie S.

Best PSA - Grade 10

  • Winner – "Connected" - Chloe C., Aishu G., Amy L., Mia K.
  • Runner up – "It Starts with them" - Katharine L., Taylor D., Eva B.

Best Cinematography - Grade 11 and 12

  • Runner up –  "Nacht" - Camille P., Katie M., Tierney S.
  • Best Drama - Grade 10

Winner – "If my life was a painting" - Emily C., Kayla C., Darcy H.

  • Best Editing -  Grade 11 and 12

Winner – "Nacht" - Camille P., Katie M., Tierney S.

  • Runner up – "Lonely Season" - Darcy H., Taylor D.

2017 - Real 2 Real Film Festival for Youth (Vancouver International Film Festival)
Selected to screen in the RYFF premiere at the VIFF – "A Dance For..."
9th Annual Youth Filmmaker's Showcase (YFS), Vancity Theatre Screening,  April 6th, 2017
The screening included films from all over the province. Three movies from CHS were screened.
Movies selected for the public screening at the Vancouver International Film Centre (Vancity Theatre):

  • "Connected" - Chloe C., Aishu G., Amy L., MiaK. 
  • "Nacht" - Camille P., Katie M., Tierney S. (and awarded for Best Camera & Lighting)
  • "Quotidian" – Delaney L., Emma L., Taylor P. (and awarded for Best Screenwriting)

BCSFF 2017 (Provincial)
Selected movies:
Junior - Grade 10

  • PSA 
  • "Happy Birthday" - Anya M., Ailsa S., Peyton S., Sarah L.
  • PSA
  • "In Your Face" - Lauren M., Tatum W., Sana A., Ceilidh M.


  • "Through the Ice" - Megan Y.
  • Documentary
  • "Tomorrow for Today" - Kiran B., Reilly A., Maggie M., Tasha S.